Brokerage Podcast

How to Set New Property and Brokerage Horizons

The commercial property market is changing and it is becoming a sales and listing market. People want to sell and people want to buy. It is likely to stay that way for at least the immediate future. Who are you going to connect with? Try property investors, business owners, and local property owners. Somewhere in […]


Five Tools to Use in Your Commercial Real Estate Home Office

‘At Home Real Estate Starts Here’. The real estate business hasn’t gone away. It has just changed and you can move with that. In this infographic, you can see the communication tools of choice to keep you engaged with your property market. What do you do? Keep it simple and get active each day from […]


4 Ways to Refocus Your Commercial Real Estate Business

There will always be challenges in commercial real estate brokerage, across sales, leasing, and property management.  Those challenges will be both personal and brokerage related; you work in the middle of a churning and changing property market, so adjust and stay on track through all transactional pressures and shifts.   Frustrations will always evolve when […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How to Achieve Marketing Excellence

In commercial real estate brokerage, it is all too easy to spread your new business and client focus far and wide across large areas and all property types; the consequence of that is you can lose focus.  The brokers or agents that are ‘broad’ or generic marketers generally do not command market share and consequently, […]

Market Share Tools for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Commercial real estate is competitive in any town or city.  Market share and territory control are good goals to work to.   Other strategies to pull into the process would include listing exclusivity, vendor paid marketing, and online marketing; everything can be improved when you think about it.  Strive to be better than your competitors […]


Effective Strategies to Win Commercial Real Estate Listings and New Business

In the role of a commercial real estate agent, take the time to understand what is happening in your property market and where things may be headed from a supply and demand perspective.  Look to the future for leads and ideas when it comes to property sales, leasing, and property management. (NB – get our […]