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‘At Home Real Estate Starts Here’. The real estate business hasn’t gone away. It has just changed and you can move with that. In this infographic, you can see the communication tools of choice to keep you engaged with your property market.

What do you do? Keep it simple and get active each day from your home office while the COVID19 health crisis puts pressure on the way in which we do business.

Communication Tools of Engagement

Look at these five tools and ensure that you have all of them optimised for your use. You real estate business can continue across the telephone with calls, emails, and social media. Establish a daily work system around these things.

Everything can be synchronized across the cloud and all your devices. You don’t have to go into the office to find the people needing your help.

Here is the infographic about ‘Agents Working from Home’.

infographic for working from home in commercial real estate
woman sitting at computer smiling
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