Clever Workflow Plans for Leasing Agents

There is always a good level of real estate leasing business to be found today. Look for the investment properties in your location and serve the owners with vacancy solutions. Most towns or cities will have a broad selection of buildings for you to consider as part of brokerage leasing. Break down your territory into […]

Leasing Property Management

Balancing the Landlord and Tenant Relationships

In commercial and retail property, there are ongoing pressures of lease occupancy and rental collections. Landlords and tenants can sometimes be in conflict with each other for unique reasons. It is also notable that some landlords can create poor tenant relations within a property due to inadequate communications, conflicting negotiations, overlooked maintenance, and tougher lease […]


Gap Analysis Example for Office Leasing Agents

As the property market shifts and changes, you can learn a lot about the current and upcoming leasing opportunities by doing a gap analysis of your market and location as an agent. In addition, you can find things that can be an opportunity in the future in brokerage activity.  The vacancies are always out there, […]


Eight Sure-Fire Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business Faster

There are always plenty of opportunities for growth and change in commercial and retail property leasing.  There are tenants, business owners, and landlords to connect with.  Local area marketing will help you do that.  You can also have a focus down on property types and local businesses.  Start your plan of client and prospect contact […]

Brokerage Shopping Centre Leasing Videos

A Guide to Undertaking a Shopping Centre Tenant Mix Review

A shopping centre can be a complex property to manage and lease. The more tenants you have in the mix, the greater the challenge of balancing the mix and the customer offerings. It is best to have a complete plan of retail tenant placement and you can then merge into that a tenant retention plan, […]

Leasing Shopping Centre Leasing

How to Comprehensively Present Your Case for Leasing Commercial Premises

Leasing a commercial property is a simple and yet staged process.  If you win the listing, there are things to think about and talk about with the clients and your clients could be landlords or tenants.  There are some facts to share with the client, so they understand that you have all the ideas and […]

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