Essential Marketing Messages in Real Estate Today

So, you present your ideas to a client about their property and what you can do for them.  To succeed in a listing presentation, investigate recent trends and the location and talk about recent enquiries for a property. Use those facts to your advantage. Discuss what people are searching for today regarding property selection, investment […]


Marketing Tips for Realtors for Attracting Buyers

Selling a house is no easy task. With the prevalence of options that often exceeds demand, it takes plenty of effort in order to attract buyers to purchase a home that you’re selling. You have to make sure that your properties stand out without becoming too overpowering, and achieving this requires savvy marketing skills. Today’s […]


How to Set Your Competitive Position in Brokerage

There are plenty of agents and brokers working in investment sales.  If you are one of those, then you should think about how you can position yourself to gain a competitive strength or some ‘leverage’ that helps you attract real estate listings and clients over time. What can you do to ‘get the edge’ in […]

The Good News About Commercial Real Estate Marketing

There are various things that you can do in commercial real estate marketing to encourage enquiry and property inspections. Every listing can be optimised for that enquiry process and to help you pull in the business where necessary. Vary Your Promotional Message and Method Spot advertising and subliminal advertising can also be used in prospect […]


How to Drive Your Real Estate Business Forward with Better Marketing

The marketing tools that we have at our disposal in commercial and retail real estate today are many. Online and offline marketing strategies are valuable systems to apply to your brokerage business. Frequency and diversity are important elements of your property marketing, both personally for your business profile, and also for your listings. So, the […]

8 Marketing Facts for Brokerage

The marketing process in commercial real estate is quite specific and important if you want to reach out to the right targeted tenants or buyers in creating property enquiry.  It is also critical if you want to get more business yourself in brokerage. So the question is, how do you market yourself in addition to […]