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So, you present your ideas to a client about their property and what you can do for them.  To succeed in a listing presentation, investigate recent trends and the location and talk about recent enquiries for a property. Use those facts to your advantage.

Discuss what people are searching for today regarding property selection, investment growth, and buying across several locations and property types.  There are many variables to marketing and selling any commercial, industrial, or retail property.  Use the variables to build a relevant and accurate property story.

Consider how the advertisement of a property for sale today might attract potential buyers. Your target marketing approach will be more constructive when you do that.

Be Location Specific in Promotion

Take advantage of designing the advert for the location, the target audience, and the local economy or enquiries.  The message here is that you can shape and refine your advertising messages to boost inbound enquiry.

You can do a lot of things with these questions.  You can go a lot deeper to build a promotional story and strategy for your client and their property. 

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Leading Questions to Ask

Let’s start some processes of advertising attraction for your listing. Try these questions:

  1. Can you create an editorial to tell people about the property, and will it be published?
  2. What is the history of the ownership or occupancy?
  3. Why did the current owner acquire the property?
  4. What improvements have occurred on-site?
  5. What are the features of the location and the asset improvements today?
  6. Is there a story that you can build around these things?
  7. What is happening in the location, and is there something that can be made the centre of your local area marketing efforts?

The promotion of any commercial property is all about the story and the description.  You can get plenty of publicity ideas by looking at other advertisements and then improving on them.

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An Essential Marketing Tool

How would you improve a property advertisement or description?  One of the easiest ways to do that will be using a thesaurus.

First, you can put that thesaurus on your mobile phone for ready and easy access. Then, when crafting a new property advertisement or improving an old one, use the thesaurus to give you better and different words.

There is no point in being generic or ordinary in property advertising and marketing today.  There is plenty of competition out there, all chasing the interest of buyers.

So your adverts will need to be better and more attractive than the other properties for sale or lease in your location.  You can also use professional photos for that ultimate visual ‘lift’ you are looking for in marketing.  Make your promotional messages for your listings more exciting and attractive.

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