Become the Challenger and Top Commercial Agent Locally

There is no point in being the same as all other agents in your location when it comes to sales of listings and property projects. It is better to be different and very active locally across the sales alternatives; what you want is a situation where your sales listing solutions and marketing activities are seen […]


How to Pull Your Real Estate Prospecting Together Faster

Your prospecting activities in commercial real estate do matter to the progress you make towards greater numbers of controlled listings and improved commissions.  It then directly follows that your prospecting activities should be at the centre of your business day and your diary of activities. If you are struggling with your real estate business now, […]

How to Model Yourself on Other Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers

As you move through your commercial property career, you will come across some top agents and brokers who are seemingly consistently clever and professional when it comes to picking the right clients and the listings.   There are some things that you can learn there. When I refer to other ‘top agents’, I am referring to […]


Answering All Your Questions about New Client Relationships in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you want a reasonably successful time in commercial real estate brokerage, then build your business around clients and client services.  Match your skills to the requirements of the clients today and the pressures of your property market.  Focus on controlling good quality listing stock; in that way people have to come to you with […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – The Prospecting Mandate

In commercial real estate brokerage it is obligatory that every agent and every broker prospect for new business for a certain amount of time every day.  It is something that cannot be delegated or overlooked.  It is mandatory for each individual and it is quite specific as a process. Keep Prospecting Things Simple So what […]

Specific Prospecting Lessons for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents

If you want to attract some real property enquiry and new business opportunities in commercial real estate brokerage then your prospecting model is very important.  The things that you do every day will put you closer to or further away from your listing and commission targets. Your new business system Here are some specific prospecting […]

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