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Easy Game Plan for Commercial Leasing Agents

Today, there are many opportunities to lease commercial, industrial, or retail property; however, the strategy for finding them is very personal and should be taken at the agent level. Conversations with tenants and landlords will lead to leasing opportunities. Do you want more transactional leasing business in your area? There is a straightforward solution. Every […]

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Shopping Centre Performance Plan for Serving Landlords

When you are selling, leasing or managing a shopping centre today, there are many things to watch and work across. That will include tenant, customer, and day to day issues. That is why a performance plan is useful. The landlord services that you offer as an agent can be quite specific and of real value. […]

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The Ultimate Cold Calling Solution for Real Estate Leasing Agents Today

When you work as a leasing agent in commercial real estate, the business community in your location is the source of considerable new business. It is just a matter of connecting with the business owners. Today’s podcast shares the strategy for comprehensively making the leasing and connection process work. You will find some helpful suggestions […]

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Essential Shop Leasing Strategies for Shopping Centre Managers

Shopping centre operational strategies are a fact of property investment performance today. Local people and customers need to shop, and attracting them is important. Most towns and cities have plenty of shopping centres to choose from, and that can create confusion. It is wise for you to have a shop leasing strategy or plan that […]

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The Perfect Questions to Ask Tenants in Leasing

With all the changes in the property market today, there are plenty of vacancies to work on. In addition, businesses are moving around, and that creates an increase in premises change and churn. There is an opportunity here for you as a leasing agent. Ask excellent questions in leasing premises today. Delve into the segment […]

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Balancing the Landlord and Tenant Relationships

In commercial and retail property, there are ongoing pressures of lease occupancy and rental collections. Landlords and tenants can sometimes be in conflict with each other for unique reasons. It is also notable that some landlords can create poor tenant relations within a property due to inadequate communications, conflicting negotiations, overlooked maintenance, and tougher lease […]

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Shopping Centre Leasing Plan Part 3

Shopping centre leasing is a unique process. There are tenants to find but not just any tenants. It would be best to find the right tenants for the retail customer mix and the property performance targets. In this video today, we share some ideas regarding the types of tenants you can select for your shopping […]

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Shopping Centre Leasing Masterplanning

As the retail shopping environment changes and people shop both online and personally, the traditional shopping centre will not go away, but the tenant mix balance and clustering of merchandise groups will change with that. Today, this video will help you with seeing and planning the tenant change issues, and then adjust to what is […]

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A Plan to Solve Shop Vacancies in Shopping Centres

A shopping centre is a large and changing shopping environment. It can be a leasing challenge. Shops need leasing, and the viability of tenants and their businesses will impact rental recoveries for the landlord. So, what is your plan? This video will help you review the tenancy mix and the upcoming shop vacancies so you […]


A Plan of Action for Finding Shopping Centre Tenants

Vacant shops can be a real drag on shopping centre performance and retail sales for shopping centre managers and marketing managers. Strategies are needed to boost customer interest and repeat visits to the shopping centre, and you can work with those factors. In the commercial real estate podcast today, we share ideas about finding tenants […]

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