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Shopping Centre Leasing Plan Part 3

Shopping centre leasing is a unique process. There are tenants to find but not just any tenants. It would be best to find the right tenants for the retail customer mix and the property performance targets.

In this video today, we share some ideas regarding the types of tenants you can select for your shopping centre leasing requirements and your overall retail property performance plan. You can add to these categories of tenant types based on your location and the customer demographic.

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Make the right leasing choices with your vacancies in shopping centres.

Retail Tenant Mix Solutions are Logical

Shopping centre leasing services are a specialist part of the commercial and retail property industry.  Get to know plenty of tenants and landlords in your location.  Research the retail properties, particularly the owners; add to that the retail mix, customer demographics, and tenants.  Your list of retail tenants will help you win more of the retail shop leasing business locally.  That is how you start the process.

You can specialise your career exclusively in working with retail tenants and retail landlords. The value that you bring to them is in finding the right shop leasing solution.  Merchandise groups and franchise groups are always looking for the next ‘prime retail location’.  Some properties are less attractive than others when it comes to attracting retail sales.  Ensure that your leasing focus is on the better retail properties in your location.

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Converting Shopper Interest

There are plenty of vacancies out there, but that will always be the case. Retail shopping centre interest and retail customer interest will continually change. That is why you can do very well as a retail leasing specialist in shopping centre performance and centre management.

What are your location customers looking for when it comes to the ‘retail shopping experience’?  What retail tenant types are you missing from your shopping mall or centre?  They are the questions to focus on regularly as they will help you solve those inevitable leasing challenges.

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