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How to Review a Shopping Centre Tenant Mix to Solve Vacancies

In retail shopping centres today, there are quite a few vacancies to handle given the changes in the property market. In saying that, there are some business types that are in real demand when it comes to consumer interest and retail property leasing.

All of these vacancies are a good thing because it allows investors and property owners to reposition the shopping centre for the future with a better offering to service customers. It also allows brokers and agents specialising in retail leasing to help shape the investment property in the future.

How to Examine the Leases and the Mix of Tenants

To improve the performance financially of any shopping centre it is a matter of looking at the tenants in situ, and then doing a full analysis. In this video, you will learn how to do that. The study of the leases and the tenants will help you re-evaluate what you can do with retail sales, tenant placement, and in attracting new tenants to the property. From that, you can do a full report to the landlord. Check out the video right here.

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