Retail Shop Franchise Leasing Checklist

The franchise model for retail tenants is both common and popular in business today. That means you can and will be working with many franchise tenants in leasing retail properties and shopping centres.

Some of those franchise tenants will be looking for specific premises and property locations. It’s a good part of the property leasing market to work in and specialize across.

What Are the Tenant Choices?

Let’s say you have the properties to lease. What are the priorities in leasing particularly when it comes to tenant selection and the assortment of franchise brands? There are some choices to make and tenants to select.

To help with all of that, we have created this ‘franchise leasing checklist‘ in PDF for you to download and keep for the situations where you are working with those tenants and placing them in properties that you are seeking to solve vacancies.

franchise leasing checklist for real estate agents
A checklist for working with franchise tenants in leasing retail shops

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