How to Target Better Commercial Real Estate Agent Results

In commercial real estate brokerage, it is exciting to review if you are still on track with your targets and goals. See how you’ve done each day and what you could have done better. You can do the same assessment at the end of each week. Review can allow change, and commercial real estate as […]

Marketing Sales

The Exclusive Listing Fast Track

The exclusive listing process in commercial real estate is unique in several ways, but mostly because it brings about a better result for your clients when you compare it to the other methods of sale. It can and should be the foundation of your real estate business over time. Do you want to win more […]

Brokerage Sales

How to Plan a Sales Day and Timetable

The commercial real estate brokerage process is quite specific when you think about it. You have your available time, your listings, and your clients. From that, you can establish a timetable approach to getting more results with your better listings. Improve your time and your activities to a system or focus each day. With good […]

Brokerage Marketing

Finding Commercial Real Estate Listings Today

As the property market shifts and changes now, there are plenty of listing opportunities evolving with all property types. People want to do things, and that is where our services as commercial real estate agents ‘come to the fore’. In this podcast today, we can help you with the key facts behind locating listings in […]

Brokerage Team

The Priorities in Brokerage that Can Change Everything

Each day in commercial real estate brokerage, so many things can take your focus or pressure you to reset your priorities.  That is the nature of the business.  Through all of that, you still have choices regarding connecting with people and choosing what you do during the day.  The choices that you make are the […]

Brokerage Charts

Handy Market Tracking Chart for Commercial Agents

As this property market takes shape, perhaps even shifts and changes, it is time to watch the indicators. From that process, you will find the people and the properties that can help you boost market share and transaction opportunities. Trace the people and the properties. Layout your plan of approach into the people and the […]