How to Make Commercial Real Estate Work for You in Small Towns

Living and working in a small town is totally different than doing the same in a big city — especially if you’re trying to make your living as a commercial real estate investor. The associated risks are higher in smaller communities, but if you make it work for you, the rewards can also be greater. […]


Achieving Better Sales Listings and Results – Chart

In commercial and retail real estate, the momentum you set towards listings will bring about results.  There are different ways of setting that momentum, however, this chart will help you get the basics right with territory control, contact processes, and ongoing improvement. Use the sales chart to boost your activities in brokerage canvassing and contact.  […]

The Secrets of Successful Effort in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you want to be ‘great’ in your commercial real estate brokerage career, then some real actions and strategies are required.  The effort is required consistently on certain activities to allow the right things to come together.  That effort must be honed to property results and findings with listings and commissions. The best results in […]


A Checklist to Solving a Listing Backlog in Commercial Real Estate

Sometimes the property market slows, and you get a ‘backlog’ of listing stock in your town or city that doesn’t seem to be moving.  It can be a seasonal problem, or worse still, an extension of the economic cycle and sentiment in your town or city; your listings can become ‘stale’ all too quickly. When […]


Why You Should Pull Apart Your Commercial Property Market and How to Do It

You should regularly pull apart your commercial and retail property market to find the advantages and changes that lead to sales and leasing listings.  There are always things happening, and your focus on that will help you build a ‘results record and pipeline of new business’. Commercial real estate brokerage is a personal system; you […]

Finally a Cold Calling Solution That Works in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

So many people struggle with the cold calling processes.  That is unfortunate because using the telephone is a big part of our business and in creating opportunity with landlords, property investors, and business owners.  If you are struggling with new business and market share, then read on. Call the people that you consider as ‘targets’ […]

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