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Finally a Cold Calling Solution That Works in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

So many people struggle with the cold calling processes.  That is unfortunate because using the telephone is a big part of our business and in creating opportunity with landlords, property investors, and business owners.  If you are struggling with new business and market share, then read on.

Call the people that you consider as ‘targets’ and do it every day.  That is the message, and it is quite simple.  Practice and process is required as you make ever more calls.  Diligence is a fundamental rule to use in the process.  Are you ready for some ‘call contact organisation’?

The system of call canvassing is then a personal thing in just about every respect; it cannot be delegated (every though many agents try to do that).  Build your personal action and skills in commercial real estate around making business calls to new people. Thrive in the faster growth and new business conversions that will start to occur.

cold callling system in commercial real estate brokerage
New business system of contact.


Telephone Prospecting Rules

These are the facts of cold calling that will help you get started today in the system.  These are easy facts to understand and work with.


  1. Practice your words and build your confidence – as with everything, a degree of daily practice will help you get things under control. You can do that practice when you first arise and before you get to the office.
  2. Understand that you are just connecting and conversing – the process of making cold calls is not a battle, but a communication system. Call stress is not required, no should it happen.  Some people may need your help and others not so; asking the right questions will help you find the people that you can work with and support with commercial real estate activity in the future.
  3. Remain professional – that is a ‘golden rule’ of making telephone calls as part of a canvassing program. No matter what the other person may say, you are simply conversing and connecting.  If they do want to talk to you, then that is good and take the conversation into a ‘path’ of discussion that seems right.  If they don’t want to talk to you, then politely end the conversation and move on.
  4. Get the research done beforehand – knowing who you are going to talk to and building a list for that purpose is very powerful. You can get more calls done in the limited time of day.  If you are struggling with just who to call, then start with local businesses in the telephone book.
  5. Know why you are calling – a clear and precise conversation should be centred on the person you are speaking to. The call is not about you, but about them.  Can you help them with property related matters?  Get that question into your call script and see where the conversation will head.
  6. Talk to the right people – there will always be a good degree of ‘gatekeeper’ frustration as you make lots of calls, so it helps if you know a name of the person to speak to. That may sometimes not be possible so be prepared to call without names if that is the only way to get started.  Do your research and ask to speak to the office manager, business owner, or key person.
  7. Lock in a time in your business diary and stay on task for at least 2 hours – a regular approach to making calls is essential. A habit must evolve into a working day.  If you are struggling with new business now, then you are not connecting with enough people.  That is where the time approach to making calls is so important.
  8. Track your results in some logical way and repeat the process over time – every call that has some element of future opportunity should be a meeting or another telephone call at the right time. That is where staying organised is so important in our business.  Many agents and brokers don’t stay in contact for the ‘long-term’.  That is where new business ‘slips through the cracks’.  Don’t let that happen in your career.
  9. Create meetings – ultimately you want to meet with people. That is where more property information can be shared in a meeting with others.  What will you talk about?  You will talk about your services but firstly the needs of the other person.  The meeting process is a simple target to merge into your business approach.  Track the number of meetings you can create from your daily calls.

So, these are the things that you need to do today about cold calling and meeting conversions in commercial real estate brokerage.

Know that the whole process is not hard, but it is different.  Are you up to the challenge of making productive new business calls?  A large amount of future opportunity for you awaits.

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