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Best Practices for Shopping Centre Management and Leasing: A Step-by-Step Approach

A shopping centre today is a popular type of property investment. Even with the changes to the internet and shopping patterns with consumers, retail shopping centres are a popular choice with experienced investors. Every shopping centre manager should have a ‘game plan’ for managing and leasing retail properties that they are involved with. Let’s look […]

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Shopping Centre Performance Plan for Serving Landlords

When you are selling, leasing or managing a shopping centre today, there are many things to watch and work across. That will include tenant, customer, and day to day issues. That is why a performance plan is useful. The landlord services that you offer as an agent can be quite specific and of real value. […]

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The Ultimate Cold Calling Solution for Real Estate Leasing Agents Today

When you work as a leasing agent in commercial real estate, the business community in your location is the source of considerable new business. It is just a matter of connecting with the business owners. Today’s podcast shares the strategy for comprehensively making the leasing and connection process work. You will find some helpful suggestions […]


How to Improve Shopping Centre Performance

So, the equation to retail and shopping centre property performance goes a bit like this….   Strengthen the tenant mix so that all the demands of the customer base are encouraged and served with a variety of goods and services Attract customers to return to the property frequently for all of their retail shopping needs […]

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Purpose Built Shopping Centre Management Plans

In retail shopping centre management, you must plan to bring new retail property and client into your management portfolio.  That, then is a purpose-built property management plan.  That will help you keep the property services you offer in line with your client’s investment targets and stabilize the management appointment.  It will also help you engage […]

The Perfect Shopping Center Performance Checklist

When you look at a shopping centre in any location, there are many things to review and assess.  There are plenty of comparisons to be made and opinions to form.  That is because there are so many variations of activity that can impact a property over time.   The Important Retail Property Factors to Know […]


How to Improve Shopping Center Performance by Leasing and Tenant Selection

Any shopping center is or should be a busy place in many ways; the busier the better, to a large extent.  Sales for tenants will improve providing that customers are attracted to the property.  That should be the focus for the leasing manager and landlord or investor for the property. There are a number of […]

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Resolving the Opportunities of the Tenant Mix in Shopping Malls

When it comes to leasing, and managing any shopping centre, take the time to establish and implement a tenancy mix and tenant retention process. It is a wise business strategy to use to boost property and retail performance. In focusing on the tenant mix, you can improve the financial performance of the property and reduce […]

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How to Enrich Your Commercial Property Management Fees

The strategy behind growing commercial property management fees will always be something separate and different to the commissions and the fees that you can get from sales and leasing activity.  Any real estate brokerage business plan and team structure should consider the different fee types and the unique strategies required to grow those channels of […]

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The Advantage of Using Stories to Win Commercial Property Managements

When you work with many different property clients in commercial and or retail property management, the information and the strategies that you share about other properties and situations locally can be of great value to winning the listing or closing on a transaction.  (NB – you can get plenty of property management ideas in our […]

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