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The Ultimate Retail Property Inspection Checklist

Here are some tips and tricks in this checklist to use as part of a retail property inspection checklist. We have given you all the factors that are so important to sales, leasing, and property management. What properties would you use it on? The property could be simple and small, right through to a full […]

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A Guide to Investing in Commercial Rental Property

Investing in commercial rental property can be a beneficial way to diversify your investment portfolio and generate passive income. Unlike residential real estate, commercial properties are rented out to businesses and organizations for commercial use, such as office spaces, retail stores, and industrial warehouses. Commercial rental property investment offers a reliable source of income, potential […]

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Ways to Mold Proof Your Commercial Property

Mold is a type of fungus made of tiny organisms that you can find almost anywhere. It can be black, orange, green, purple, or white. Although, mold has a crucial role in nature where it breaks down dead plants and leaves; it can be rather problematic in a building or a home. Regular exposure to […]

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The Commercial Real Estate Guide for Business Investors

If you’re a business investor who is curious about the commercial real estate market, you probably have a lot of questions about how to choose the right property, which investment strategy is right for you, and which professionals you should turn to for guidance. Taking a thorough online course created by an industry veteran like […]

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Matrix for Managing Tenants in Retail and Commercial Property

As we move into this new property cycle, the management of tenants takes a new shape and focus. Keeping tenants in occupancy is a priority and optimizing the lease for the landlord for the long term is paramount. In other words, we do more with the existing tenants and minimise vacancy risk. This is a […]

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Purpose Built Shopping Centre Management Plans

In retail shopping centre management, you must plan to bring new retail property and client into your management portfolio.  That, then is a purpose-built property management plan.  That will help you keep the property services you offer in line with your client’s investment targets and stabilize the management appointment.  It will also help you engage […]

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Step by Step Guide to a Retail Shopping Center Presentation

Let’s say that you have the chance of pitching and presenting your services on a good quality retail shopping center.  Your services could include Property Management, Asset Management, and Leasing.  There are many things to consider and talk about.  Great opportunities are waiting to be ‘tapped’. Get All Retail Property Facts The client will have […]

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Retail Shopping Center Handover Systems in Property Management Today

When a retail property is to be newly managed the focus on the handover process in bringing it over to your agency or brokerage is really important.  It is the only time that you can capture the full facts of the property and the tenant mix.  Asking the right questions and documenting the active elements […]

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