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How Real Estate Signboards Can Build Your Business Fast

How is your local area marketing working for you? How many signboards do you have placed on properties now? Signboards serve more than just displaying your company’s name and logo. A real estate signboard on a property for sale or lease is an effective marketing tool for attracting new customers, building inbound enquiry, increasing brand […]


Simple Ways to Handle Real Estate Price Objections Today

In commercial real estate, as an agent you will have many challenges with price objections across real estate transactions, listings, and inspections. Ultimately the buyer wants the best outcome for themselves and not a ‘fair’ outcome based on real estate market evidence. Somewhere in the transaction will be your client and their property requirements and […]


The Top Skills You Need to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate Business

Commercial real estate has become one of the most popular sectors in the last few years, and many general agents have considered reaching out to their brokerage about considering commercial. Many think they have what it takes to get into commercial real estate, but it can be a tricky market to understand if you don’t […]

Leasing Sales

Negotiation Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Negotiating happens in just about every part of the real estate business. Sometimes the process is easy, and other times it is complex and challenging. You can build strategies to help. As agents and brokers, having a comprehensive skill set around negotiation is a good idea. Think about practicing skills around that. Property market conditions […]


How to Connect with More Real Estate Clients

In commercial real estate today, your clients and the contact process you use with them will provide the best foundation for increasing market share. It doesn’t get much more fundamental than that. Several agents in the field have had long-term success with the business process of contact cycles. Also, the way you act and the […]

Brokerage Sales

Agent Workflow Lessons You Can Benefit From

Success in commercial real estate brokerage is about establishing and maintaining relationships with clients. Your real estate business will expand as you gain more clients. So, where can you go with this focus? First, you should create a sales workflow that puts clients (current and new) firmly at the centre of your real estate day. […]

Brokerage Sales Team

Solving a Real Estate Slump Quickly

How do you get control of your real estate business and overcome a slump in enquiry or transaction frequency? The answer is simple and should remain so. Modify the real estate day by focusing on fewer important tasks. Distractions for agents occur every day, and many brokers allow many of those pressures to get the […]


Three Listing Conversion Strategies for Agents

Is your property market competitive? It is very easy to cut corners and give in to the pressures of the client and their requests for “special deals” when listing commercial, industrial, or retail property for sale or lease. This client ‘pressure’ is especially true when the property is being listed for the first time. Don’t […]

Brokerage Team

How to Grow Listing Inventory Faster

Listings are the beginning of everything in commercial real estate brokerage.  It doesn’t matter whether you work as an agent in sales or leasing today, the listings that you find, convert, and control are critical to the growth of your client base and your real estate business over time. It takes some agents a while […]


How Asking Better Questions Wins Listings

When it comes to working with any new client or prospect in commercial real estate, the quality of the questions that you ask will help you convert more new business. In addition, those questions will let you get to the point of the listing or marketing process faster. Better conversations will help you understand the […]

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