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How Real Estate Signboards Can Build Your Business Fast

How is your local area marketing working for you? How many signboards do you have placed on properties now? Signboards serve more than just displaying your company’s name and logo.

A real estate signboard on a property for sale or lease is an effective marketing tool for attracting new customers, building inbound enquiry, increasing brand awareness, and communicating your value proposition as a real estate agent.

This article will explain why signboards are important for most commercial properties and all real estate agents and how to design them effectively.

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What is your brand and real estate message?

Agents Standing Out

Let’s start with the basics. Signboards can help you differentiate yourself from the competition. In a crowded market, you must distinguish yourself from other real estate businesses offering similar products or services.

A signboard can assist you in accomplishing this by highlighting your unique selling points, such as quality, price, location, or customer service. A signboard can also make a good first impression and foster trust among potential real estate customers looking for a dependable and professional real estate company.

Signboards can help you gain visibility and reach. A signboard can be a constant advertisement for your business, visible to anyone passing by your property. A signboard can also assist you in reaching out to local customers who are more likely to visit your office or refer it to others as part of finding a property to buy or lease.

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Build every property promotion and campaign with intelligent strategies

Real Estate People Talk

Think about your local property market. A signboard can help you generate word-of-mouth marketing because people will remember your name and logo and tell their friends and family about it.

The base strategy here is to get plenty of signboards into your local area on listings of any type. You never know when a property requirement or challenge will arise for people in your location.

Signboards on listings can help you convey your real estate message and skills or property personality. A signboard can help you communicate what your business is about and what benefits you offer to your customers.

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You are a real estate brand – promote yourself comprehensively

Building Your Broker Brand

A signboard can also help you express your brand identity and personality, such as your values, mission, vision, or culture. A signboard can also help you connect emotionally with your customers and make them feel welcome and appreciated as they process their real estate needs or challenges.

To design or place an effective signboard on all your property listings, you need to consider some key factors, such as:

1. Size and Visablity

Make sure your sign is seen. Your signboard should be large enough to be visible and readable from a distance but not too large to overwhelm or distract.

Whilst you can place a signboard on a property in many different locations, think about the passing traffic (people and vehicles) and how the best ‘visible’ value can be achieved with the placement. The biggest sign in the best location is the rule, not the exception in real estate brokerage sales and leasing

2. Choose Colours that People Remember

Your signboard should use colours that match your brand identity and contrast well with the background. Think about the visibility factors.

Many people pass your property in a motor vehicle or at speed. Sign placement is something to consider, given those factors. You should also avoid using too many colours that may confuse or clash. Simplicity is always preferable in logo and colour selections.

3. Simple Messages and Fonts

Use the ‘white space’ principle with your prpoerty signboards. Simple messages that are easily read are preferable.

Your signboard should use clear, legible, consistent font. You should also avoid using fonts that are too fancy, complex, or like other businesses.

4. What are the Factors of Attraction?

Consider the property. Your signboard should use simple, concise, and catchy words. You should also avoid using words that are too generic, vague, or misleading.

Think about your local property market, the target audience, and who you are trying to attract the enquiry from. Use a thesaurus to broaden or change word selection on your property sale or lease signboards. It is an easy way to make your message more unique and ‘stand out’.

5. Graphics that are Memorable

Your signboard should use relevant, attractive, and memorable graphics. You should also avoid using too busy, complex, or irrelevant graphics.

Get your brand graphics onto all local area marketing material; consistency is important to building a local brand in real estate.

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Make the right marketing choices

All Real Estate Campaigns

So, what is the main takeaway here? Real estate signboards are an important part of your commercial property marketing campaign.

They can assist you in attracting more customers, raising brand awareness, and communicating your value proposition. You can ‘fund’ a real estate signboard on every listing from vendor paid marketing campaigns.

Do the ‘show and tell’ process with your clients when it comes to signs on listed properties. Have plenty photographic of examples of successful real estate campaign signboards to show your clients.

Following these promotional guidelines, you can create a signboard to help your company stand out and succeed. That can mean more enquiries and listings over time.

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