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How to Use Real Estate Signboards in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The real estate signboards that you place on quality listings in your real estate market or territory will help you to build your property business.

That being said, there are some rules to the process. Understanding the rules will help you get more results from the signs that you place locally.

If you haven’t got much inquiry coming in to your office, then you probably haven’t got enough signboards locally placed on good properties.

People tend to relate to market relevance and dominance for an agent or broker, by the number of signboards they have placed in a location.

Local and Specific

So the signboard process is really important locally to you and your business. That is largely because the local business owners and investors will see your signboard as part of moving around the city or town. Frequency and placement of signs will help you with enquiry and listing generation.

Here are some rules to make this work for you:

  1. Brand and contact – Your signboards should be branded well in your corporate colors and logo. Every sign should be recognizable from a distance. It should be large enough and suitably placed to be seen with all the details very readable. Make sure that your ‘sign person’ understands the importance of sign placement.
  2. Vendor paid – A dedicated property signboard costs money. They are of high value in the marketing process. Every exclusive listing should have a specially created sign on the property frontage and boundary. That board should be a ‘vendor’ paid marketing cost. It is effective as a local marketing tool and it is promoting the property 24/7.
  3. Photographs – Use photographs where you can. Professional photos on the sign will help attract more inquiry. Choose the good photos that will pull in the eye of the reader or target market. Use the photos to feature the best parts of the property.
  4. Main roads – If you listing is on a main road, then place the sign facing the oncoming traffic. On a two direction main road a ‘V’ sign is very wise, providing your local municipality allows such.
  5. Exclusivity is different – Every exclusive listing should have a special sign created and placed as part of the marketing campaign. Open listings do not really matter as other agents will be putting their signs on the same property, and ‘luck’ doesn’t have much of a place in inquiry generation with open listings in commercial real estate brokerage.
  6. Quality listings matter – Listings of quality will always pull in better enquiry. Focus your prospecting and marketing processes on the better listings and ensure that every good quality listing has a signboard placed for local interest and coverage. In that way you will generate more inquiry and that inquiry will be locally relevant.

So there are some rules to follow here with commercial real estate signboards and marketing processes. Make every property signboard count when it comes to marketing and property promotion; ensure that your name and identity is merged into the signboard layout and contact process.

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