Essential Priorities for Agents Today

Today, this podcast shares some ideas to help agents thrive and grow in their real estate business day.  There are five ideas to work on and shape in your real estate business. Of course, the first item to think about will always be prospecting for clients and properties. In commercial real estate, prospecting should always […]


Essential Marketing Messages in Real Estate Today

So, you present your ideas to a client about their property and what you can do for them.  To succeed in a listing presentation, investigate recent trends and the location and talk about recent enquiries for a property. Use those facts to your advantage. Discuss what people are searching for today regarding property selection, investment […]

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The Perfect Questions to Ask Tenants in Leasing

With all the changes in the property market today, there are plenty of vacancies to work on. In addition, businesses are moving around, and that creates an increase in premises change and churn. There is an opportunity here for you as a leasing agent. Ask excellent questions in leasing premises today. Delve into the segment […]


Strategies to Gain a Competitive Edge

The competitive edge you create in commercial real estate sales should be specific and relevant to your property market and client base. There are always many other agents out there who will take your listings and clients given the opportunity. So, what is your competitive edge today in marketing properties for sale? It can be […]


Real Estate Agent Opportunities for Today

There are plenty of real estate opportunities in commercial property today. Look around your area, check out the properties, and reach out to new people. It is wise to put some strategy into that process and build a habit of talking to new people into your daily activities in brokerage. Practices like that can help […]


Marketing Plan Strategies for Real Estate Agents

What is your real estate marketing doing for you now in commercial real estate? Are you reaching the right people in your location and can things improve? If you are like most agents, the marketing process can always improve. It is a deliberate process. Consider what you can do and here below are some ideas […]

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