The Art of Real Estate Marketing Today

There are many ways to reach out to your location and target audiences to encourage enquiry in real estate today.  And the enquiry process is really what it is all about.  Real estate marketing is an art form to be optimised over time. Talk to more people regarding property listing and selling or leasing.  Everything […]


How to Formulate a Strategy for a Career Investment Sales

You can work in commercial real estate ‘generally’, or you can work in the unique parts of the industry that offer opportunities.  Investment sales are the ‘opportunity zones’ for new business in your town or city; investigate that as a channel of real estate connection and service.  Where do you start with this? You, as […]

Brokerage Videos

The Best Sales versus Leasing Career Choices in Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you can focus on sales or leasing, or perhaps both. In saying that there are things to consider. I recommend that you choose your channel of opportunity and then go ‘hard at it’. Note: If you want more ideas about commercial real estate, you can get them here for free […]


Creating New Sales Horizons in COVID-19 Cycle

Let’s start this concept of expanding your horizons in sales in commercial real estate right now by saying that the property market is still there, and it is just different.  What are the differences? Try these for starters. The motivation to buy and sell has moved for most people. Get the facts about finance, funds, […]

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How to be Ahead of the Pack in Sales

What is the ‘latest and greatest thing’ in commercial real estate sales? The answer is technology. You can use technology in so many different ways to help your engagement with your clients. Consider how you use the technology tools of: Listing portals Photographs of properties Cloud storage Email marketing Autoresponders SMS Mobile phone use and […]


Opportunity Knocks in Commercial Real Estate and How to Use That Fact

In brokerage, there are plenty of leads, people, listings, and businesses or investors to work with. Opportunity knocks in commercial real estate, so use that fact to your advantage. Systems Matter In today’s podcast we talk about systems, daily activities, and working with clients. All are important parts of any successful real estate business. Put […]

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