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In brokerage, there are plenty of leads, people, listings, and businesses or investors to work with. Opportunity knocks in commercial real estate, so use that fact to your advantage.

Systems Matter

In today’s podcast we talk about systems, daily activities, and working with clients. All are important parts of any successful real estate business. Put more direct marketing into your business day.

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Ready for some change? So a marketing program or strategy of this nature is quite specific and deliberate; it can also be a ‘factor of attraction’ in your personal marketing program. It is designed to give you leverage when it comes to pulling towards you some listings, clients, and referral business.

A Broker of Choice

What can you do here? Through all three of those things, you must stand out as the broker of choice for the location.  That is a deliberate marketing choice. In the podcast today, we help you understand what you can do and how you can improve your business practices.

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