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Brainstorming Matrix for Better Sales

The sales process in commercial real estate is reasonably straightforward. In saying that there are a number of things to watch and optimize over time.

Use this sales chart below to set some indicators to watch for yourself in brokerage activities. Know what is happening in your property market and why that is the case. Engage with the facts and changes locally in the property segments.

Marketing Solutions that Work

So what do you need to think about? So let’s go to the marketing solutions that you can provide; there are a few of them and some will be better than others in a location, with a property type, and at certain times of the year.  You can take that further.

As a general rule, each listing should be looked at with a focus on a specific target market and how you can tap into it. You can use a checklist to drill down into the target market. 

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So things in commercial real estate sales are marketing related and results-oriented. The sales chart shows that. When you know what the target market is, you can design a great marketing campaign for your client and the property; exclusivity will be part of that. 

brainstorming results planner for commercial real estate sales
A full results planner for commercial real estate sales in brokerage

All of this takes effort, and that’s why an exclusive listing process is a preferred method of a property listing today. Use the elements of the chart to build your focus and results in commercial real estate sales.

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