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When you are listing a commercial property for any reason, there are different things to look at and question. There are matters relating to the client, the property, and the precinct. We designed this listing chart to help you ask questions in reviewing the property listing.

Look for all the strengths and weaknesses in the property that you are about to list. Ask the questions and then go deeper in any active categories. Take your photos, and make plenty of notes. You never know when you will have to rely on your listing facts and investigations.

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From this listing chart, you can ask deeper questions, and or do your own investigations. It is important that you can get to all the property facts and precinct issues. Some clients won’t tell you everything about their property; that is why your diligence in the listing process is so important.

There will be strengths and weaknesses with every property, so ask questions, take plenty of notes and photos. Get the brokerage listing chart right here.

commercial real estate brokerage listing chart
The matters to question and review in listing a commercial property.