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Success in commercial real estate brokerage is about establishing and maintaining relationships with clients. Your real estate business will expand as you gain more clients.

So, where can you go with this focus? First, you should create a sales workflow that puts clients (current and new) firmly at the centre of your real estate day.

The real estate business is all about your clients and your prospects. Therefore, the more people you know, the better your real estate activities and opportunities will be.

In addition, it would be best to keep in mind that many of your present clients will switch between different investment properties at other times, so you stay connected with them for that change factor.

Efficient Timing

Everything is timing related in real estate for you and your clients. Property holdings can take weeks, months, or even years to progress towards or through a change — the larger and more complex the property, the greater the number of issues that could evolve. 

Any property owner could be an investor or could be a business owner. There are real estate pressure points and decisions that apply for each type of property owner. How can you help them, and how can you relieve the property pressure? The answers will help you find new business.

Client Connections

Maintain a steady stream of new client interaction. It is a business discipline. You build relationships with the proper individuals, and those relationships could lead to listings or transactions in the future.

Make a lasting impression on the people you want to do business with. Make it easy for them to know you and to trust you as the real estate agent locally. As part of that, stay connected at a professional level.

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Constructive Client Contact

We give you specific strategies below to create a compelling sales agent workflow.

  1. Creative property research – Finding the owners of selected and preferred properties can take time. There are different ways to get that information, and you should have a system to approach things. First, you can ask questions of others, and that will include nearby business occupants or property owners. Some of those people will share information with you and give you the real estate leads you want. Also, logically research title details, check out ownership records at the local council or go back through local media and newspaper releases. Information will always lead you to the facts about property ownership or change of ownership. Most agents don’t do enough research, which is an advantage for agents who diligently apply themselves to the process.
  2. Beneficial real estate service – If you are looking for substantial new real estate business, you should create unique and relevant services for the people you serve. Sure, many agents sell real estate; the question is, how can you be better and different than the other agents out there? Take the next step in your real estate services and provide solutions for your clients that are of high value and relevant. Today, generic real estate agents do not win volumes of real estate listings. Decide how you can be better than others in your location and across your specialised property types.
  3. Track progress of connections – A conversation with a person today about real estate, will likely lead to another discussion in the future.   Remembering what you say to others and what comments were made back to you will be essential to your progress. Get some support system around you and into your real estate business to help you connect with those people positively. Spreadsheets are OK for the process, but it is even better to find a database solution that you can use every day.
  4. Be a real estate strategist for your clients – When you provide ideas and property solutions to your clients, do so from a strategy base. A logical strategy for a property sale is always a leverage point to capture a client’s attention.
  5. Show effective solutions and alternatives – From the previous point, you should provide solutions to any client or prospect with a property challenge. Those solutions should be visual and supported by your real estate conversations and recommendations. Take the answers to the next level and give graphs, charts, photographs, and testimonials. Many agents don’t do that to a professional level; they are too generic. That is then a leverage point for those agents that get the client strategy under control. Be ‘visual’ in your real estate recommendations and put a ‘package’ of ideas together that can make sense to the clients that you serve. Make things easy and workable for the client.

Better Business Foundations

So, these ideas can become the foundation of a real estate agent workflow system. If you work in real estate sales or leasing, you will find that these processes will help you substantially.

So, build your real estate day around these ideas and be constructive in what you say and what you recommend to the people that could be your clients in the future.

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