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Don’t struggle in your real estate business when it comes to finding listings and clients. Establish a system of prospecting that works for you when it comes to your location and your preferred property type. Build your activities each day around a discipline of contacting new people. Research the right people to contact in your location so that they remember you as the agent of choice when they have a property challenge.

In today’s podcast, we share the five specific ideas that have been proven to work when it comes to prospecting for new business and finding the right clients to serve over time.

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Rise to the Top of Your Property Market

Rise above the activities of other agents and competing brokers in your location. Strive to achieve better results consistently by modifying your prospecting activities consistently into the future. In the podcast, we share ideas about how you can do that. 

So there are some strategies here for you to think about in brokerage today. You can drive more opportunities if you focus on your skills your strength and your actions. Most agents and brokers struggle with the discipline behind that. That then becomes a massive opportunity for you to achieve new levels of business and growth of commissions over time.

Why Quality Matters

In one word you should put some quality into your prospecting focus. Work with better buildings and better clients in your location.

In today’s podcast we will teach you how to:

  1. Reach out to new people in your location to share ideas and strategies behind property investment.  Get to know the local people so that you can identify their property changes, challenges, and opportunities. Engage locally with better quality people and those that will need services into the future. That requires a strategic approach, so plan and research your activities around that. 
  2. Understand how you can professionally approach the local people with relevant issues.  Build your business approach with new people thereby engaging effectively for the long term.  Establish your ongoing contact plan and drive your business forward.
  3. Understand where the opportunities are in your location and why you should tap into them.  When you put some focus into your local area, it gets a lot easier when it comes to transactions, comparable properties, and conversions. It is a bit like focusing on the end result before you start the process of contact. Begin your contact with the end in mind. 
  4. Learn how to use a database when it comes to your ongoing activity and meeting strategies. In using the database effectively, you can grow your market share more effectively and consistently.   You can also understand where the connections and opportunities exist with specific people and their property investment circumstances. Don’t forget to engage not just with business owners but also with local property investors. Stay local when it comes to your database activities and delve deeper into the property location. Relationships are everything in commercial real estate brokerage.
  5. We will help you understand the commercial real estate market is a personal strategic business; an opportunity for you. Most of your results will come from your personal strategies and actions every day. We will help you with some momentum activities

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