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New Business Networking System for Brokers

All Brokers and Agents need a system of networking clients and prospects.

It’s important that you have a networking and marketing strategy to use each day in commercial real estate brokerage. There are many people to connect with, and that requires systematisation at a personal level. 

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Learn from others in commercial real estate brokerage.

The more active that you can be in direct marketing and ongoing contact with your database, the more successful you will be with listings, commissions, and opportunity.  It is a formula that cannot be ignored by brokers and agents. Grow your real estate business through deliberate and direct action. 

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Use these ideas in this podcast to build your business from a strategy of ongoing networking and marketing.

In this podcast you will learn:

  1. How to assess the local area for change and opportunity 
  2. How to look into the history of the local area to find the change in churn factors that can produce listings and transactions 
  3. How to keep in touch with local business owners and why you should do that 
  4. How to connect with local property owners and in regular and relevant ways. 

So all of these ideas are focused on one particular aspect of the commercial real estate brokerage business. That is networking and marketing. Develop your system using these ideas so that you can grow your business with greater efficiency and direct action.

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