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How to Reach Out and Grow Your Commercial Property Management Portfolio

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The property management side of our real estate business offers a lot of opportunity in ongoing services and commissions. It is a matter of understanding your client base, your town or city, and the property management needs therein.

Offer leasing, sales, and investment improvement services to your property management clients and prospects. In this podcast, you can learn how to build those relationships in positive ways, thereby potentially improving your property management business at the right time and in the right way.

As a special note, always improve your property management portfolio with a focus on quality, and avoid the older buildings and the redundant buildings in your location. Those buildings and those sites are likely to be time intensive when it comes to property management activities, thereby costly to manage.

It is always good to think about how you can grow your property management business in commercial real estate and then put a strategy in place. There are buildings to manage, and clients to serve.

In today’s property market, there are always some investors of a high net worth looking for property Improvement and investment enhancement. That is where Property Management Services become more important and critical.

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So just how can you grow your Property Management Services? In today’s podcast, we share some ideas relating to the different channels of opportunity in commercial property management from a growth perspective. Use the list of ideas to penetrate your market further with better clients and better properties.

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Here is a list of ideas from the podcast to help your focus when it comes to commercial and retail property management growth in your location.

  1. Understand the differences between property types and the skills within your brokerage business. Match the skills of your business and people towards the properties in your location.
  2. Always look to the larger properties in the best locations from a property management perspective. Understand where the large shopping centres and office buildings are located. They are the property management appointments to chase.
  3. Engage with industry professionals and allied professionals who have a client base within commercial and retail property investment. Their clients are likely to need help when it comes to leasing, sales, or property management.
  4. Focus on improving tenancy mix challenges for your investor clients. Create tenant retention plans and business plans relating to the larger investments.
  5. Understand the vacancy factors in your location and where you can work on those vacancy factors to improve property performance.

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