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Methods for Being a Pro in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Today we have many different marketing tools at our disposal. The traditional property promotional methods are still there with newspapers, flyers, and direct mail, but we now have a massive resource group of advertising tools to use online and through social media.

Today in this podcast, I want to share some ideas about property marketing and how you can become a ‘pro’ in the promotional process in ‘getting the message out’ about your property listings and your professional real estate services.

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As you consider the many different promotional tools available, choose the ones that suit your preferred property types, the clients that you work with, and your town or city from an ‘engagement’ perspective.

Remember the ideas of promoting a property for sale or lease are usually a mixture of these things:

  • To reach out to the audience of business leaders, investors, or buyers that you are looking for
  • To recommend the features of the property to the target audience that you have defined
  • To stimulate enquiry and encourage inspections

Are you ready to do more with your property marketing? Listen to this podcast today and try some of the ideas.

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