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As listing Commercial property for sale or lease is a competitive process, it is important that written submissions for owners are presented promptly.

The company that has their submission before the owners first are likely to be given most consideration. However, the listing agreement or contract is an important document and it needs to be prepared carefully to ensure that all the arrangements negotiated with the owners have been included.


Your Structured Approach

Presentations should include:

  • SWOT Information concerning the property
  • A comparable market analysis
  • Marketing budget and plan
  • Summation of price estimates plus market evidence
  • Best methods of sale or rent (as the case may be)
  • A proposed financial structure for the property
  • Assessment of the target market to be tapped for the property
  • A reference to the owners’ goals and motivations
  • A discussion of the market appeal of the property
  • Your recommendations and supporting commentary



Keep Things Visual

Visuals will be needed such as:

  • company brochures
  • time on market assessment
  • newsletters
  • copies of press articles
  • advertisement samples
  • internet advertising samples
  • email marketing campaigns on similar properties

You should, if possible, present the submission in person so that you can talk the owners through the documents and immediately clarify any matters of concern. If possible obtain exclusive listings, but whatever the situation, ensure that the document is accurate, well presented and that your verbal presentation complements your recommendations.