The Insider Secrets to What Most Clients Want to Know in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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The clients that we assist in commercial real estate brokerage are usually focused on just one thing, and that is in achieving a positive result to their property challenge.  Your message as an agent or broker should then be for that solution to be achieved in a timely way.  Are you relevant to what you do and say with your clients regards their property challenge?  Or are you ‘ordinary and generic’?

If you want to win more listings as a local agent, then you can use this concept as a rule of client engagement and communication.  Have a ‘story’ to tell and make your message so deep and direct when it comes to the client and their property.

Property challenges are complex, and on that basis, we have to handle the ‘variables’ of the client, the location, and the asset.  Strategies today are everything when it comes to marketing a commercial or retail property for sale or lease.  There is no point in being ordinary in providing professional real estate services.  Strive for excellence in the property marketing process; provide plenty of feedback.


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How to Really Engage with a Commercial Property Client

Let’s say that you want to win a listing, and you know that the other local agents are chasing the same property or client.  Go ‘deeper’ with the client with all these facts as you present your ideas:


  1. Price or rent – there are usually differences between what the client wants with the price or rent, and what the property market can offer. Comparable property activity from other locations within the property type will help you convert the client to realism.
  2. Targeted buyers or tenants – when you know your targets, you can set your marketing solutions firmly into a campaign and contact process. Engage the property to the target market through some specific and direct promotional solutions.  Don’t leave the property in a generic advertising process; take the listing personally to the location, and the people that you believe are the most relevant in renting or buying.  Let the property, and its promotion help you sell a message.
  3. The best way to get the best result – choose the best method of sale or lease for the property that you know has been the most successful in the location. You should be able to prove the facts relating to sale or lease and the results that you are seeing.  Use charts, figures, and graphs to tell the ‘result’ story.  Help the client see how long you believe the process will take.
  4. Confidence in momentum – what steps can you take in promoting the property? Build some momentum through a campaign.  The question then is how should that campaign be structured and what are the elements?  Local area engagement should feature in that campaign.  That engagement should be door knocking, direct mail, direct calls, and flyers sent to targeted people.  If the property is of some quality, then these are the strategies to apply.


Confidence in the agent is something to be encouraged in the listing pitch process and supported through ongoing communication and marketing.  Can you do more with these things in your client property services?  Of course, you can.  Challenge yourself to do more with your client and listing services.

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