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It is a known fact that the local area is the best location to find buyers and tenants for commercial and retail property.  The local people around you are already aware of the place, the properties, and the opportunities.  They also know what they can pay or want to spend when it comes to sale or rent.  They are well positioned to act on a property matter.

Are you ready for the opportunity? Put the local area as a priority in your marketing plan in brokerage sales and leasing.  At least 75% of your time should be sent in the local area talking to people and business owners.  Build your real estate business on conversations of relevance.

You don’t have to go far to find a buyer or a tenant in a local area for most commercial and retail investment properties.  Build your marketing plans around that idea and strategy.  Work your local area comprehensively and keep the momentum up in all ways possible.

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Local Area Coverage

So here are some local area marketing strategies that are likely to be of use to you with the sale and lease situations:

  1. Track other listings and market your properties around them. The signboards of other agents are catalysts for calls and contacts to nearby businesses.
  2. Research local businesses and buildings to make direct contact calls to business owners and investors. Have a series of questions ready to ask relating to lease duration, occupancy intentions, new locations, expansion and contraction requirements.
  3. The traditional ‘flyer’ is of value in spreading the word about a new property listing in a location. Always attach your business card to the brochures or flyers that you drop off locally.
  4. Get brochures printed for local mailbox distribution. You can use the Post Office to distribute your brochures through the business mailboxes.
  5. Create email lists of companies in your territory or streets, so you can send updated property detail as it comes to the market.
  6. Get a signboard on your listed properties. The signboard is something that will be seen, and inbound calls will come from that.
  7. Use your listings as reasons to talk to local people. Tell them about the listed properties locally and what rents and prices are doing.
  8. Create a video of the property listing and put the listing in Google Drive for distribution to others inquiring. You can take the video on your mobile phone.  If you want to put some background music to the video you can use YouTube for that process and then make the video ‘private’ on YouTube so you can post online, but only send out the links to genuine people that you have qualified for the property.
  9. Use blog posts and social media links to spread the word about your listed property. Write an article about the property and put it on your website and or blog.  Search engines like to see fresh and valuable information being posted about a property.  Use that process as a way of growing your profile and your listing enquiry online.

So, these ideas work well for local area marketing.  Comprehensively get the property information into the local area and to the local people.  Create conversations and situations where more detail can be provided.

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