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How to Execute Direct Marketing Plans in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

It is a fact that direct marketing in commercial real estate brokerage works far more effectively than generic promotions.  That being said there are different ways to market and alternative strategies to cover.  Try these for starters:

  • Business promotion for the business
  • Personal agent or broker marketing in the local area
  • Listing campaigns and promotions
  • Specialised services promotion to the targeted segments locally

These things are quite special.  Unfortunately many agents take the ‘easy’ generic way out when it comes to promotion and marketing.  Promotional plans are required and consistent effort should be applied.

It should also be remembered that the typical calendar year will in itself have ‘peaks and troughs’ of property activity and those factors will impact marketing efforts.  Every broker and agent has to work those changes and the challenges and seize the opportunities presented.

Get direct promotions started

Here are some tips to help you get your direct marketing underway.  You could say that these facts below are the foundations of a top quality property agent marketing system.  You can add to them personally, and shape them to your business and location:

  1. Important property owners – There will be property owners locally that are essential to know and work with. Yes, it is likely that all other local agents are doing the same thing (or attempting to), but top agents will usually get through with relevance.  Most experienced property owners will know the importance of knowing the best agents locally.
  2. Pertinent skills – How do you compare to other agents locally when it comes to knowledge and skills? Somehow you have to be better than the rest of your competition; perhaps that can be in property speciality, location attention, marketing initiatives, or database coverage.  Understand the right differences for you to develop and start practicing.  Every day when you first arise you can spend some 20 minutes on dialogues and scripts.  Do the things required to build the conversational confidence in your market.
  3. Significant Investors – In any city there will be a good selection of investors that are sufficiently positioned to act on property opportunities when they happen. If you know enough of these people, that can then be the start of ‘off market’ transactions.  You can do the deals away from the prying eyes of your competition and observations of the local media.  Find the local investors, connect with them so that you can build trust over time, and help them with property challenges.

These are just 3 simple facts that are so common in any property market.  Drill down into these strategies and make them your own in every respect.  Build your commercial real estate business the right way on the back of manageable contact systems.  Put your clients and prospects at the center of your business.

You can get more specific marketing tips and ideas in our Commercial Real Estate Broker ‘Snapshot’ right here.

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