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Activities Planner Template for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents

When you consider the different things that we do each day in commercial real estate, there are plenty of diversions and distractions.  There are always issues to contend with involving clients, listings, and transactions.

It doesn’t matter whether you are working in sales, leasing, or property management; there will be pressures for you to deal with and distractions for you to manage.

Resolve Pressures and Problems with Focus

Given all of these pressures, there are still things that really do need to happen to allow your business, commissions, and client activities to move ahead. So, I have created a template here to help you with that focus as part of your weekly planning in commercial real estate brokerage.

In this simple template, I have put down some focus points for planning an ideal working week as a broker or an agent. At the start of any working week, the form can be considered and special projects or properties noted for particular attention.  In that way, you can stay on track and on target with the issues that must be attended to from a business perspective.

The Prospecting Form?

You can note high-level activities with sales appointments, negotiations, leasing, and property management activities. Spend some time each weekend using the form and preparing the target issues and topics to be achieved over the coming five days. This form helps you focus your ideas, your diary, and your attention on just that.

You can get the commercial real estate planner right here in PDF form.

commercial real estate activities planner
Activities planner for commercial real estate brokers in sales, leasing, or property management.

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