Creating New Sales Horizons in COVID-19 Cycle

Let’s start this concept of expanding your horizons in sales in commercial real estate right now by saying that the property market is still there, and it is just different.  What are the differences? Try these for starters. The motivation to buy and sell has moved for most people. Get the facts about finance, funds, […]


Preparing to Make the Sale – Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, the sale process is quite special.  There is a limited amount of time to attract the required targeted buyers and to create the ‘churn’ of activity to get offers and negotiations underway.  Prepare to make your sale processes successful and frequent.  Time is ‘precious’ and momentum is necessary.  (NB – […]

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Setting Essential Business Goals in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In this video on iTunes you can learn about the important and critical business goals in commercial real estate brokerage.  Watch the numbers in your activities and local property zone.  Having spent a good number of years in the brokerage ‘game’, these are the numbers that I ‘live by’ personally.   I hope they help you with […]

Brokerage Sales

How You Can List and Sell More Commercial Properties Locally

To sell more commercial properties locally in a timely way, you should focus on your listing processes so that all of the hurdles and challenges of the listing are addressed at the front end of the marketing equation. Undertake a program of client conditioning and target marketing.   As the industry professional, you are the […]

Ways to Establish a Niche Marketing Campaign in Commercial Property

In commercial real estate brokerage, you can and should focus your prospecting and marketing efforts specifically within a niche segment of investors and business owners. You do need to work with both groups given that they are impacted by property change and churn. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends […]

How to be Time Efficient in Commercial Real Estate Sales

If your career is in commercial real estate sales, you really do need to focus on productivity from a personal perspective. That will usually involve results across the key indicators of listings, commissions, client base, and marketing results. Look at your role and your market activities on that basis. When you focus on productivity at […]

Why Sales and Marketing Must Align in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage and particularly investment sales, the sales and marketing process must align in every way possible. The investors that we serve will be attracted by specific marketing efforts and by the top agents driving that process. You can generate more listings from good sales marketing directed at target audiences. Look at […]

Brokerage Property Management

Create Sales from Commercial Real Estate Property Management Clients

In commercial real estate brokerage, many things change during the year for the investment clients that you work for and connect with.  The same can be said for your property management clients.  On that basis there are plenty of ways that we can help with property performance and investment positioning. Leasing activity links to property […]

Target Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate agency, the properties that you convert to exclusive listings should be directly marketed to a target audience within the business community and or property investors.  The exclusive listing process is far more successful in this way, when it comes to achieving a successful sale or a lease for our clients. When […]


Growing Client Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate Agency

Every commercial real estate agent or broker wants more new business, better listings, and quality clients.  Sometimes we succumb to the pressures of ‘earning’ and can scatter ourselves across too many things and issues.  That’s why specialization works more successfully in our industry.  When you specialize you are of greater value to your clients given […]

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