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Slide Deck – How to Build Your Real Estate Business Today

There are a number of ways to reach out to new people in commercial real estate, and as an agent, you should be developing a few specific processes that you can use on a daily basis. Building a real estate business is all about creating conversations in a regular and ongoing way with people who […]

How to Get Paid for Marketing Commercial Property

Every good quality commercial investment property should be specifically marketed to targeted groups of investors or business owners with a vendor paid promotional campaign.  Some agents struggle with the listing pitch process and can’t convert the client to accept that funding fact.  (NB – get our commercial real estate course here) It is important to […]


Top Agent Dynamics Wall-chart Download for Brokers

Every now and then it pays to sit back and analyse what makes up the actions of a top real estate agent in today’s commercial property market.  There are many qualities to consider and all of them are important in one way or another. I spent some time talking to a group of agents recently […]

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