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The Best Listing Proposal Strategies Today

The listing proposal approach that you adopt and refine over time will be the leverage point for more new business if you are an agent looking for growth of market share. As agents, we should always strive to improve the listing documentation we use and the methods of approach that apply to the different listing…

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Methods of Sale to Beat the Competition

What is the best method of sale to use in commercial real estate today? The answer will impact your results as a broker or agent. Make the right choices and this audio program today will help you understand how to work with that. When you get the sale process right, the genuine purchasers are in…

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Sales Plan Blueprint for Real Estate Agents

Your sales plan in real estate will help you in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with the right people. That plan or blueprint will be critical to your success as a real estate agent in the coming year.  This video will help you with your long term client relationships and your client connections.  It will help you…

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Developing Astounding Results from Your Listing Presentation

If you’re a commercial, industrial, or retail real estate agent or broker, you’ll have a natural approach to the listing presentation process. Do you want to improve that presentation style? Here are some ideas. Having confidence in your listing style and professional skills demonstrates to the client that you are committed to finding a solution…

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Simple Real Estate Agent Planning Ideas

New property requirements and challenges will always emerge from conversations with locals. Planning processes of contact will help you here. Strive to improve your brand with local people, investors, and business leaders. Be the go-to person when it comes to real estate sales, leasing, or property management issues. That kind of activity is never-ending. It…

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How to be a Productive Agent Today

New property requirements and real estate challenges will always emerge from conversations with locals. The more questions you ask of more people, the more property situations evolve. If someone needs help with property sales, leasing, or management, you’re the person they should turn to. So, you want them to remember you. How can you improve…

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