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Shopping centres are a unique type of investment property. They can also be the most challenging due to the diverse mix of tenants, landlords’ specific requirements, and customers’ ever-changing interests. Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of anchor tenant selection for shopping centres. We’ll explore the lease strategies, terms, and conditions that can ensure…

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When working in commercial real estate sales or leasing, you will handle various properties differently for your clients, depending on the property’s uniqueness and location. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider your approaches to negotiating with all parties involved in a transaction while targeting the results that your clients seek. Preparation is essential for achieving…

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Plenty of benchmarks and trends exist in commercial real estate brokerage worldwide. As an agent, this knowledge is crucial for staying informed about the following opportunities and deciding how to react. For instance, you might track the average price per square foot (or m2) in a specific area, the vacancy rate for a particular property…

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Vacancies in investment properties are part of the tenant management and leasing strategy. Property owners and managers should keep tenant turnover low and have a plan for leasing all vacancies whilst they underpin the income stream for stability and growth. So, it is time to explore alternative rental revenue streams and how you can improve…

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In the dynamic world of commercial, retail, and industrial property leasing, landlords and tenants constantly seek the best deal for their premises. The leasing agent plays a pivotal role in bringing these parties together. Conditioning the landlord, a term we use to align their expectations with the actual market conditions is a big part of…

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When embarking on a new property management role, it’s crucial to consider and thoroughly investigate various aspects. Each property and location is unique, making a checklist approach to property management an excellent strategy. By tailoring your checklist to your preferred property types and locations, you can ensure comprehensive coverage. From financial management to tenant management,…

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