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Blueprint Career Development in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are things to watch and things to do if you are looking to build some reasonable personal momentum with listings, property, and clients.  A planned approach is a good way of moving ahead individually as an agent or broker; to achieve momentum a full period of 12 months can […]


The Planning Aids that Work Well for Commercial Brokers and Agents

As a broker or an agent in commercial real estate, you should use a few specific planning aids as part of controlling your week, and thereby helping you improve your results with clients, listings, and transactions.  Technology today can offer us so many different control tools to support the planning process.  Every presentation, listing brochure, […]

Build Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business One Step at a Time

In commercial real estate brokerage the best way for each agent to get traction and build market share is to deal with each issue and opportunity, one thing at a time; soon they will have a pattern and a plan to work to. In that way agents can refine the things that matter and improve […]

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