Taking Charge of Your Commercial Property Market

In commercial real estate brokerage, you can let the market come to you (albeit very slowly), or you can take the real initiative and pursue the opportunities vigorously.  There are always things to connect into.  The clients that we serve have many challenges and factors of change. So let’s look at ways you can take […]

Commercial Real Estate Agent Mindmap Sales Process

Earlier this week I was working with a commercial real estate sales and leasing team.  It was clear to me that they really did not have much focus on their market.  Listings and commissions were a random event. 🙁 To improve things I told the team to come to next Mondays meeting with a full […]

Powerful Key Performance Indicators in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency, the use of key performance indicators will help you see just what is working and what is not when it comes to sales team performance and commission income.  The indicators will also help you with your targeting your budgets and real estate agency business plan. It is interesting to note […]


Educate Your Commercial Real Estate Clients

In commercial real estate agency today, you must be a ‘specialized educator and facilitator’ when it comes to working with your clients.  You should not be a ‘steamroller’ or pressurized salesperson that kills the client and business relationship. The prospects and clients in the market today are usually very informed when it comes to business […]

Property Management

Key Performance Indicators in Commercial Property Management

In commercial property management or retail property management you should have a number of performance indicators to allow you to track the progress of current building and tenant events.  It is no secret that many property managers are very busy most of the time; it is therefore very easy to overlook key facts and issues. […]

Golden Rules in Commercial Real Estate Agency to Win Business

In this commercial real estate market it is wise to set yourself some benchmarks or rules that you will work to.  You must control your focus and actions.  A system of guidelines like this will help get you on track and pointed to the results that you seek. Why does this need to be the […]