10 Ways to Build an Awesome Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Website

Lots of people know about the necessity to have a commercial real estate website as part of a brokerage strategy.  In saying that, they typically overlook the important strategies and elements behind the scenes that can and should be optimised as part of that website design and selection. The online marketing structures of a brokerage […]

10 Marketing Automation Ideas for Commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers

In commercial real estate brokerage you will get more momentum and results from your local property market when you automate your marketing.  Regularity is really important in spreading the message about your property skills and business. For most ordinary agents, the process of personal marketing is tedious and random; unfortunately that then leads to slow […]

Specialization Builds Better Market Share for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Let’s say you are starting up in an area or a town or city as a commercial real estate agent or broker.  It is a wise strategy to focus down on a property type within your location so you can build your real estate business more effectively and directly. Some agents do things the ‘wrong […]

Open Your Ideas to On-line Marketing and Social Media in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate agency and brokerage, you can build your online presence efficiently and effectively when you focus your efforts in the right way.  The focus that you create should be on your property type, your speciality, and territory location. To do this you can create a list of words that reflect each of […]

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