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Adapting to Change: Modern Techniques for Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Deals

We, as agents, can always improve our negotiation skills for sales and leasing situations. The property market is always changing, and every listing will require special elements of negotiation. I am sure you can remember a challenging property listing or negotiation that was difficult to get to a result. What happens in the ‘real world’ […]


How to Create a Unique Sales Plan for Commercial Real Estate

Brokers and agents in commercial real estate need to tailor their sales strategies to their unique personalities, geographic areas, and skill sets. A tailor-made sales strategy is necessary because all three factors mentioned are different for each individual. Agents can gain real estate market momentum by addressing the most important issues for their location and […]


The Core Skills You Need to Succeed in Real Estate Sales

There are many ways to create and make progress in commercial real estate brokerage. It doesn’t matter what is happening in sales or leasing in your location or the state of the property economy. The property market doesn’t disappear; it just changes. All the listings can be found when we change our actions and thoughts […]

Why Commercial Real Estate Signage is Big Part of a New Business Tool Kit

In commercial real estate brokerage today, the signboard coverage that you create for yourself on listings and with local properties will always assist in growth of market share.  The agents and brokers with the consequential and comprehensive branding coverage will always get more inquiry; that’s how things work.   It has been that way for years […]

Commercial Real Estate Agent – Turning Your Dreams into a Market Reality

Commercial real estate as a career can be very rewarding in so many ways providing you put in the effort.  The right effort directed towards the best clients and properties will give you the best opportunities as an agent or broker. Top salespeople work to a personal business system.  They refine their system and improve […]

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