Budgeting Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

When you work as a commercial real estate agent, budgeting and motivation are key parts of the job.  You must stay focused and remain financially viable as you build your business. Here are some facts to consider: You will have costs to cover personally until your income grows as an agent and also in an […]


How to Budget Real Estate Commissions for 2014

Sometimes in commercial real estate brokerage it is easy to think that we can market, negotiate, and close on just about any sales or leasing listing that comes our way.  As an extension of that we can attempt to cover a far broader property area than we should. Specialisation in our industry is really important […]


Questions for a Leasing Agent to Ask

The questions that you ask in commercial real estate leasing will help get you to the focus of the tenant’s requirements in relocating or leasing.  It should be remembered that many tenants will work with multiple agents and brokers at the same time.  On that basis, you really do need to qualify the tenant fully […]

Property Management

Budgeting Tips for Commercial Property Management Today

When it comes to managing commercial property today, the budgeting process is quite important.  When you establish a budget correctly, it can help you as the property manager and also the landlord direct and control the income and expenditure for the asset throughout the financial year. So this financial control process is really suitable for […]

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