How to Attract More Sellers in Commercial Real Estate Sales

Understanding the sellers of property in your location will help you package your commercial real estate services and win many more listings. Winning listings is the foundation of brokerage success.  So, there is a plan and a system that is needed here, and it is a personal thing to work on.  It is an individual […]


The Vital Roles of the Salesperson in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, each salesperson has a series of roles to play.  Many of those roles are critical in the team and are vitally important to the brokerage results.  Priorities are required for the roles and tasks associated with both listings and clients; that is by zone, by property type, and by territory […]

The 9 Critical Sales Skills in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are certain skills in commercial real estate brokerage that you do need to work on and improve over time.  They are the critical sales skills that evolve at a personal level, and they exist across sales and leasing activity. (NB – you can get more sales tips and ideas for commercial property in our […]

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How You Can List and Sell More Commercial Properties Locally

To sell more commercial properties locally in a timely way, you should focus on your listing processes so that all of the hurdles and challenges of the listing are addressed at the front end of the marketing equation. Undertake a program of client conditioning and target marketing.   As the industry professional, you are the […]

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