Using the Buying Signals in Brokerage to Full Advantage

There are some valuable buying signals to watch in commercial real estate sales.  That is especially so as the property cycles and market start to move again.  Look for the rebound of enquiry and buyer interest, as it will be there.  Talk to lots of people and make that the ‘golden rule’ of your business […]

Guide to Commercial Real Estate Buyer Attraction

In commercial real estate brokerage, the property buyers for a location will be valuable in creating inquiry, inspections, negotiations, and contracts.  The key question is ‘How do you attract plenty of buyers for a property listing?’   When you have database that is loaded with carefully selected and nurtured buyers, then you have a good chance […]

Proven Strategies to Work with More Buyers in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The investment segment of the commercial property market can be very lucrative and rewarding for brokers and agents. There will always be investors seeking to acquire, improve, and dispose of commercial, retail, or industrial assets.  (NB – you can get more client and investor tips in Commercial Real Estate Snapshot right here)   If this […]

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Why You Must Establish a VIP Buyers Program for Investment Property

Typically in today’s commercial property market you will be working for the sellers of property when it comes to listing, marketing, inspecting, and negotiating.  Those sellers will be your clients. There are some reasonable commissions to be converted from selling commercial property when compared to leasing commercial property (assuming average transaction sizes). When you work […]

Essential Rules for Database Pipelines in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

It is an established fact that most brokers and agents overlook the necessity for ongoing contact with prospects and clients. That being said, those agents ‘leave untapped commissions on the table’.  The best new real estate business will always come from the clients and the people that you have known for a considerable period of […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Tips for Working with Property Buyers

There are many ways to approach and create opportunities in the commercial real estate industry. Part of the process should involve identifying and connecting with qualified property buyers in a regular and ongoing way. There are some ways to do that effectively and to keep control of the information that you give out. One very […]


Ways to Assess and Attract Active Buyers in Todays Commercial Real Estate Market

It is important when assessing inquiry from buyers for you to understand if they believe the property is suitably priced and located.  If any weaknesses exist in the eyes of the buyer and the customers who inquire about your property, then you need to identify the weakness and adjust the marketing campaign; you can do […]


Commercial Real Estate Buyers are a Dime a Dozen – Here’s Why

The buyers in this property market are a dime a dozen.  Many of those buyers will tell you they can act on a property, when in reality they have no intention or the capacity of doing so.  Those buyers can waste a lot of your time as a broker or an agent. Many agents will […]

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