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Negotiation Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Negotiating happens in just about every part of the real estate business. Sometimes the process is easy, and other times it is complex and challenging. You can build strategies to help. As agents and brokers, having a comprehensive skill set around negotiation is a good idea. Think about practicing skills around that. Property market conditions […]

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The Golden Rules to Closing a Sale or Lease Faster

Negotiating a commercial or retail property sale or lease is a balance of many things. It is all about strategy and timing. Add to that the elements or challenges of the client and the property, and you have a few things to work through. Change is a good thing to work with in commercial real […]


Negotiation Rules to Close More Deals

Every day in commercial real estate brokerage you will be negotiating through things such as listing, inspecting, marketing, or the many variations of a transaction in sales or leasing. The interactions you have with other people in brokerage are always ongoing. Be prepared for the ‘twists and turns’ of talks and discussions. Some of those […]


How to Resolve Objections in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial property sales and leasing, the objections you will receive from your prospective clients are many and frequent, and they are usually all unique.  The buyers and the tenants that you attract or work with as part of closing a transaction will all have individual targets, concerns, and situations that they want resolving.  Add […]

Negotiation Facts – A Checklist for Brokers and Agents

When you are preparing for a commercial real estate negotiation, there are things to consider and decisions to be made. You want the deal, listing, or meeting to go well, and you do need to think about all negotiation issues. This checklist is in PDF so you can save it to your computer, tablet, or […]

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Benefits – The Secrets to Commercial Real Estate Negotiation

Where do you start with your commercial real estate negotiation? Get the facts and build your story. Understand the people, the property, the market locally, and the motivations of all involved because every property negotiation is unique as are the people. Just about every stage of commercial real estate sales and leasing involves some form […]


How Simple Negotiations Matter in Commercial Real Estate

When we negotiate a commercial property transaction, things can get complicated.  It pays to review things and then simplify the position of the parties.  Know what is said and how it is conveyed.  Look for the underlying issues. Understand the other person completely and comprehensively; ask plenty of questions to get to the core issues.  […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How to Solve Negotiation Objections Faster

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are many phases of any sale or lease transaction where negotiation pressures and objections will occur.  It is a good idea to have a ‘base strategy’ to use with any objections that may arise.   Take control of the matter and work through the alternatives for the best outcome for […]

How to Set Negotiation Rules in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The process of negotiation is quite special in commercial real estate.  So many parts of the business are impacted by negotiation between the parties.  For example: Winning an appointment with the property owner – It can take a lot of telephone calls and letters to open the door on a meeting with an investor or […]


The Top 10 Negotiation Tools in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Some negotiations in commercial real estate brokerage are quite slow and difficult.  You can be working with sellers under pressure that fail to listen to the trends and feedback from the market, and buyers that are offering unrealistic prices.  The same can be said about leasing with unrealistic landlords asking high rents and tenants that […]

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