Property Management Shopping Centre Management

Strategy Plan for Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres are complex properties, requiring a reasonable degree of control and planning from both an investment perspective and property management. You have tenants, customers, local economic sentiment, and property design to consider. Shopping Centre managers must have experience in the property type and a solid foundation in the investment alternatives available. In addition, individual […]

Brokerage Marketing

How I Find and Create Quality Listings

When you work in commercial real estate as a broker or agent, it pays to have a planned approach to finding high-quality listings.  In other words, your plan is not some random focus on a territory or property type. Today I will share how I do things with that. These ideas will help you with […]


Simple Real Estate Agent Planning Ideas

New property requirements and challenges will always emerge from conversations with locals. Planning processes of contact will help you here. Strive to improve your brand with local people, investors, and business leaders. Be the go-to person when it comes to real estate sales, leasing, or property management issues. That kind of activity is never-ending. It […]

Brokerage Charts

The Brokerage Planner for Commercial Real Estate This Year

As you move into your real estate activities in commercial real estate this year, there are factors to consider when it comes to market activity and client contact. It is all based around numbers of course. Today we want to help you with your numbers and the assessment of how you are approaching your clients […]

Brokerage Podcast

A Guide to Setting Up the Best Game Plan in Commercial Real Estate

Your game plan in brokerage sales and leasing can now be refreshed and optimized for the new property market. Use these ideas to review what you can do and where your property opportunities will come from. Note: You can get our resources for commercial real estate agents here for free. Sign up. In the program, […]

The Rewards of Looking Ahead in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The real estate market is always under change, and that is a great thing to use as a point of difference in your real estate business.  Want some proof of that?  Look at the property activities of the last five years or so in your location and you will see changes that you could have […]

Timeless Business Planning Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

If you work in commercial real estate brokerage, you need a business plan at a personal level to take you forward.  That plan can take your focus and goals and turn them into action items.  Ultimately a good plan and action process can give you a good market share and boost your listings and commissions. […]

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