Shopping Center Managers – Ask More of Yourself in Retail Shop Leasing

When you work in shopping centre leasing today, there are many different factors of performance to track within the shopping centre and within the tenancy mix.  Stay on top of issues and future leasing opportunities.   Things change when it comes to vacancy factors, rental charges, and lease conditions.  When your commission and income comes […]

Property Management

A Quick Guide to Creating a Commercial Property Management Building Budget

The object of a budget in a commercial or retail building is to track and control income and expenditure.  Every month and quarter through the year the budget can be compared to actual money earned in rent and spent in outgoings.  Adjustments are then made to ensure that the landlord doesn’t experience any unknown financial […]

Property Management

Outgoings Reconciliation Tips in Commercial Property Management

In commercial or retail property management, the reconciliation of outgoings will be an important financial activity for the property manager and the landlord at least once per year.  In that way you will know how you are tracking when it comes to gross and net income within the performance of the property. Let’s assume that […]

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