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The Ultimate Cold Calling Solution for Real Estate Leasing Agents Today

When you work as a leasing agent in commercial real estate, the business community in your location is the source of considerable new business. It is just a matter of connecting with the business owners. Today’s podcast shares the strategy for comprehensively making the leasing and connection process work. You will find some helpful suggestions […]

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Leasing Agents Business Blueprint

When you have a shopping center to lease or some retail property vacancies, your working plan or new business blueprint will be critical to progress. Simply put, you should know and engage with many retailers and local business people. Here is a plan to help you with that. What is the target of retail shop […]


Clever Workflow Plans for Leasing Agents

There is always a good level of real estate leasing business to be found today. Look for the investment properties in your location and serve the owners with vacancy solutions. Most towns or cities will have a broad selection of buildings for you to consider as part of brokerage leasing. Break down your territory into […]

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Essential Ways to Attract Commercial Office Tenants Today

If you want to fill a vacancy in an office building you need to go out and find the tenants, not just wait for them to find you or make a property enquiry.  Far too many agents wait for the telephone to ring when it comes to creating enquiry and leasing any vacant property. Now […]


Simple Techniques to Lease More Commercial and Retail Properties this Year

The leasing of commercial and retail properties can be boosted significantly by following some simple rules.  The property market will always have properties to lease; it is simply a matter of matching tenants to properties.  There are some effective strategies to do that. So let’s look at defining the leasing status of the property market […]

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