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How to Build Valuable Business Relationships in Commercial Property Leasing for More Listings

The leasing process in commercial and retail property can be improved by a simple degree of personal organisation and directed action. There are always vacancies to fill and tenant mixes to improve.    So, you can take action in the three key segments of the market.  That action is in connecting with quality landlords, tenants […]


Five Lessons to Learn in Leasing Commercial Property Today

Most brokers or agents get involved with leasing commercial or retail property.  It is a good segment of the market to work with.  It does, however, require specialisation to ensure that you have the necessary skills and market coverage to work with both tenants and landlords comprehensively. Where do you start?  Understand what the tenants […]

Property Management

How to Improve Your Tenant Leasing Services

In commercial and retail property investment, the tenants that you choose to occupy a property, or a suite in a property, will be critical to the overall investment and its performance. There are things that you can do with that concept when it comes to marketing your services to property investors and landlords locally. Choosing […]

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Commercial Property Agents – Basic Property Leasing Tips That Work

In this property market and in most locations, commercial leasing is quite active whilst commercial sales have slowed. That being said, there are still a lot of vacancies around to compete against, however, a good commercial agent can make reasonable fees from property leasing.  If you are located in an area with a lot of vacancies, […]

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