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Why the Best Buildings and Precincts are Hot Real Estate Business

It is time to think about the coming year and where the opportunities will be coming from.  Sometimes we can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’ if you know what I mean?   Now is a good time to plan and focus on opportunities in buildings, clients, and projects.   Start your plans and preparation for the […]

The Celebrity Status that Generates More Commercial Real Estate Listings

In commercial property today you will find many different ways to generate listing stock consistently and successfully.  You need a number of those strategies working for you constantly so that the pipeline of exclusive listings continues into the future. You could say that it’s a bit like creating your personal ‘celebrity status’ as the ‘go […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – A Collection of Results Based Listing Tactics that Really Matter

In commercial real estate brokerage, results are everything.  Agents and brokers that are slow to create results or just ‘cruise’ on autopilot really cannot be carried for too long.  Those people that understand that fact and then do something about it can get some good traction in any property market place at any time.  There […]

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