The Three Words that Can Change a Real Estate Career Forever

Want some focus in real estate? There are just three words that lead to and make all the difference in the career of a commercial real estate agent.  From the three things, many other things can happen.   What are they?  They are:   Knowledge Systems Action   To explain, the progress of any agent is […]

First Steps for Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business

In commercial property brokerage today, the activities of businesses locally will provide plenty of indicators that you can focus into and drive opportunity from. Watch the trends and the changes in the local business community for your town or city, and then specialize in particular precincts.   Understand your target clients   The landlords and […]

How to Model Yourself on Other Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers

As you move through your commercial property career, you will come across some top agents and brokers who are seemingly consistently clever and professional when it comes to picking the right clients and the listings.   There are some things that you can learn there. When I refer to other ‘top agents’, I am referring to […]

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